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(Photo by Eric Oslund)The pairing of Zachary Berg

“The secondary goal was to win the section. We put together a line up that would try to get kids as many opportunities at the state meet first.”The Elks certainly met their first goal, as they will be sending representatives in eight of the possible 18 events.For individuals, Udalla is going after placing first in the long jump and triple jump; Pearson is going after coming in first in the 200 meter dash; Dahlson is going after taking first in the 300 meter hurdles; Heyne is going after finishing second in the 800 meter run; and Leonard is going after coming in first in the 1 Replica Designer Handbags,600 meter run.Matt Dahlson took first in the 300 meter dash and is heading to state as an individual for the first time. (Photo by Eric Oslund)The pairing of Zachary Berg, Dahlson Replica Handbags, Pearson and Udalla are also going after a second place finish in the 4 relay; and the pairing of Pearson, Heyne Replica Designer Handbags, Weege and Leonard are going after placing second in the 4 relay.These seniors now have one last meet to leave their mark on, state.

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